Grief Services and Restorative Options are available as single sessions or as an additional charge at your stay in the hermitage.  These restorative sessions offer unique avenues in healing; softening the sting of grief.

Sessions range from $50-$80. 

Please choose additional sessions when you are booking a stay at the hermitage so we can accommodate your needs and desires.  

All our sessions include the support of a grief professional.


Grief and Photography 

This session will include a walk in the woods, photography, and journaling culminating in a precious creative work of art.  


Equine Therapy

Horses on our farm will delight in your affection as you have opportunity to brush and massage the horse. Their calm nature is truly restorative. 


Meditative Nature Walk

Join with a grief professional and immerse yourself in the woods.  Yes, you may traverse through the pasture where a curious calf watches you.  Take time to converse or simply remain in silence.


Yoga as a Healing Practice

A private session with a yoga coach will offer you both serenity and strength.  Gentle stretching and guidance in mindfulness will be restorative.


Visual Arts for Hope

This session includes a hidden message and a watercolor painting that transforms to a keepsake.

Artistic aptitude is not necessary to create this meaningful work of art.