Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life


I have been contemplative this spring, more than usual.  All through my life I have been a person of action, raised on farm, with a strong work ethic.  Each day I list my goals for the next day and often find that I cannot complete each goal.  To me, that is a failure.  Or at least it once was a failure, I struggle with it still.


A recent conversation with a sage mentor offered me guidance, sharing

her perspective of her understanding that there are seasons in life;

 “ a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,  a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,  a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away.”  Ecclesiastes 3: 5-6.  


As an individual who is engaged in work, volunteer efforts, caretaking and more, I sometimes find myself frustrated.  Around every corner there seems to be another person who needs help or an organization that does volunteer work that sustain a community.  In the opportunity to have a few minutes with this wise women, she explains that doors in my life will shut, sometimes for a moment while others are closed forever.  She adds, that how we approach these seasons, these goodbyes, are indicative of the testament of our character.


Earlier this month my husband and I went on a camping vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan, following the south shore of Lake Superior.  The campground was sparsely filled.  Each day offered a new sunrise over Lake Superior and a long morning hike with my eager companion, Yoder-a six year old dearly loved dog.  Each day we set out to look for the sunrise and sunset, animals sightings, wading in the cool water of the lake, and simply enjoying the nature and quiet.  It was quite a stark contrast to the vital tasks that sometimes overwhelm me.


Sitting on a rock formation that juts out in Lake Superior, in the early moments of the sunrise,  Yoder and I had quiet time, meditation.  (Ok, maybe that was just me.)   Nature and nurture go hand in hand.  This beautiful vista of the south shore aided my release and named what I was struggling with.  Courage is imperative when we face the difficult questions.  Within the queries of my thoughts, I reached for solace, surrounded by the beauty of nature.  I was granted quiet and the gift of time without continual interruptions.  The precious water of Lake Superior rocked me, their gentle waves cradled and soothed me. 


Doors may be shutting in my life.  It is another season in life and sincere patience is part of that change.  Grace will be the leader of my path.  Failure will not carry the same intensity; our companionship is not constant.  Nature will guide me through the winds of change as I listen to the depths of my heart. 


(I do not offer advice, but would you consider a thought?  Offer yourself rest.  Be kind to yourself.  And find a place in quiet nature, perhaps listening to the waves on the water as you are rocked into a calming space where you will find answers.)