A Time to Pause

A Time to Pause

It has been a busy summer filled with so many tasks and interruptions on our little farm.  My time has been divided, as so many others know.  It is difficult to find the calm and the rest when you are juggling so many theoretical balls of work, play and rest.  Today I am attempting to finish this blog post while a team of contractors are  pouring a cement slab outside adjacent to our driveway.  Certainly the clanging and noise of the cement truck challenge my sense of calm and rest.

Needless, I venture on to speak of something that is deeply sacred to me. One of the losses I have felt since the pandemic arrived is a sense of ritual and gathering.  My Sunday morning ritual is not the same.  This has been particularly difficult despite the utilization of Zoom or other online gatherings. We seem distance from each other.  I note the ache of not sharing a hug with my mother.  Many people are practicing quarantine to keep a loved one safe.

S. Bloomstrand (2018) writes, “We are impressed and wondered how many people live extraordinary lives jet are seldom asked the most provocative question.  We place so much importance on intellect and education, but we rarely ask what their daily work has taught them about humanity.”

I recall a training I participated in for youth servant leadership.  In a circle we introduced ourselves using our name and one of the prompts.  We simply stated the prompt and moved on.  It was strange as we could not elaborate but were encouraged to engage with each other during the two day training.  My prompt was, What question have you wanted to be asked?  Later in the day, a man engaged by asking my prompt question.  We had a significant caring conversation that opened a storm of memories and grief of my children.  He listened and as I shared, others gathered around.  I welcomed them and it was a sacred space for me, truly Holy.

We seldom take time to share our sacred stories and spaces with one another, or even with ourselves.  Today, I encourage you to speak to those losses and participate in ritual.  A colleague and I have written a ritual for grief that resonates with us.  We have found it helpful for us individually as well as with participants.  This morning I read the ritual by myself, considering the deaths and non death losses that have pervaded our world.  I found it to be restorative.  I pray it is for you as well.

Here is the video and link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwbct__7zmw&feature=youtu.be



Blessings and Grace be with you,