Stay at the Hermitage

Spend a weekend or a few days at the Hermitage in rural Minnesota. Wake up to beautiful sunrises, enjoy your coffee on the porch, rest in this lovingly preserved little farm house. Give yourself the gift of time and solace.

Grief Services & Restorative Sessions

Additional services are available, both with a stay at the Hermitage or as a Grief Support individual session. Options include: Yoga as a Healing Practice, Visual Arts in Mourning, Meditative ,Nature Walks, Equine and Pet Therapy and more.

Julie S. Domogalla, MS

“Julie was so helpful. She helped me see things from a different perspective.” R. “I love talking with Julie. Her kindness, calm and empathy really helped me to find some healing.” L. “Our stay in the hermitage was truly comfortable and sweet. We intend to return.” J & I