Welcome t0 Under Blue Skies, LLC

We offer services for individuals and groups who are in mourning. 

Our variety of services feature a stay at the Hermitage, including a complimentary session with a grief professional . 

We offer individual grief support sessions for individuals or couples. 

Restorative sessions featuring nature, art, horses, and yoga are some of the options you may engage in to find healing. 

Under Blue Skies, LLC  is available for educational workshops or trainings in death and dying. 

Peace be with you. 


Under Blue Skies Hermitage

Spend a weekend or a few days at the hermitage in rural Minnesota.  Wake up to beautiful sunrises, enjoy coffee on the porch, listen in the restful space of this lovingly preserved little farm house.  Escape from the rush and hurry and give yourself time; time for you.


Grief Services & Restorative Sessions

Additional services are available, both with a stay at the hermitage or as a Grief support session.  Options include: Yoga as a Healing Practice, Visual Arts for Mourning, Meditative Nature Walks and more. 


“…but it was also intricately connected to my sense of loss and broken bonds of attachment.  It was entwined in my trauma and grief. 

It is difficult to separate this into neat components; once the rug is woven, it is nearly impossible to tear it apart into individual strands and find them to be as they were before the weaving.  They have changed; twisted and frayed. 

That is an accurate assessment of my grief; changed, twisted and frayed, yet strangely, all the more beautiful.”